Need of some data related to attendee and stats from Practiscore via API or Web services

Dear Concerned member, We are building a cross functional system for one of our Shooting club, and need to understand how we can leverage the following data from Practiscore in our web application?
Following data is required –

1 - Extract member attendance per the required discipline (Disciplines, as follows: Action Match, Air Pistol, Benchrest, Black Powder, Combined Services, Field Pistol, Field Rifle, Mandar, Practical Hunting Rifle, Practical Pistol, Standard Revolver, Shotgun).
– Followed by mapping by “Member_ID” as we do not post full names on the results.

2 - Extract scores of each members, or at least 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, this would help us with our annual trophies.

Looking forward to understand on how we can access the same.? And what end points could it be?

Thanks in Advance

The simplest way to get that data is to run your own league/series for each discipline in your club and post incremental results to PractiScore for your members to see. You can get these updated after any new match, simply add match to series and re-post the series match.

See Scoring Tournament, Club League or Match Series in PractiScore app for Android

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Thanks Admin @euxx. Actually, I am building an app for my club members to view results directly on their phones. Hence, I am after an API Integration with Practiscore System, and if Not then CSV export so that I can fetch required member data like attendance, winners, etc. and they have it with them every time even when they are not in network!

Is there any option available?

Looking forward to a meaningful resolution.

There is no public API available.

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Thanks for swift reply @euxx. I hope I haven’t misunderstood this. If not a public API(free), but is there a Paid or licensed API integration available?

If not, then Can you guide me for CSV Export of such data? I can give you data points what all I need related to our matches, so can you help me get through the same?
Thanks, and Looking forward to.

I meant “public” as for someone to consume. Neither free or paid.

Not sure what CSV export you are referring to, but as I said, your most viable option is described in my response above.

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