Multiple Payment Options

Is there a way to have multiple payment types within a match? We offer a five dollar discount to our clubs membership. For online payment to be viable I would need the option to have a $10 payments for club members, and $15 for non members. I know I could off a custom payment, but that is incredibly manual and not sure I want to manage that.

Is there a feature that I am not aware of? I would assume I could use this same feature when offering a discount for junior shooters.

Hi Chris,
There is a new “Storefront” coming to PS. I hoped it would be available today but it looks like early next week.
It will let you offer discounted Match Fees along with adding items like T-shirts and such.
As soon as it is live we will get out a tutorial on using it.
This is just one of the features coming out to make Match Directors lives even Easier!!!
You heard it here First!!!

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This is absolutely incredible! Thank you for this effort! Would it be okay if I made an announcement to my shooting community that this is coming soon? I want to prepare them for online payment for the local matches.


Go right ahead…It’s gonna be Great!!!

Is the Storefront feature live, yet? I am trying to add the price of a match Jersey to registration check out for those who want one for an upcoming USPSA match. Thanks

The New Storefront is very very close. It is in the hands of the web guys to finalize. I would like to think we will see it in the next two or three days or so. I am so very excited for the match directors and the shooters to have this function.

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Yeap, I am chumping at the bits for this one. Gimme, gimme, gimme!

I have not yet used the stripe service with PS but I am about to implement it for a match next month. I too would be very eager to have two payment amounts options as we also give discount to our club members for price of the match.

Can anyone provide any detail into how things look within the stripe interface? Specifically our club runs member dues through stripe and nothing else which makes reporting easy for the treasurer. If I link the account to PS and now match fees run through there, one charge for members vs another for non members. Does the stripe interface allow easy reporting to segregate whether a charge is dues verses member match fee vs non member match fee? This is important to us since we are a 501c7, we pay a different tax rate on each type of income. If it doesn’t, then i wonder if setting up a new Stripe account specifically for our USPSA venue but linked to the same bank account would be a work around? I greatly appreciate any insight.

HI Corey,
To be quite honest your question is more of an accounting question than a Match Admin question and truthfully, I don’t know. I would like to think that with the size of Stripe that an Admin could tag certain payments within the system as certain things but again we here at PS are not accounting folks. Maybe if your club has an accountant or a tax expert they could look into Stripe and see what they provide.
If it turns out that you want to create a separate stripe account for match fees you would need a different Club account to attach it to. We currently, do not have a way to tie and manage two stripe accounts to one club account.
I know this isn’t exactly the answer you wanted but I hope it helps out some.

No it does not. However, we manage this by downloading the data into a spreadsheet and then filtering the data based on amount.

This comes at a great time since we’re now incurring Stripe fees to refund the discounts since March 2020. Thanks!

We are in the same boat with the 2 different fees. Is the feature active yet?

DJ, can you also add a way for members of another club to bypass payment or have a reduced rate?

Do you have an ETA on this going live?

Andy, We will talk more this week. Good messaging with you.

Will know more this week. It is close but it is a juggling act with the developers who have many projects ongoing.

How do you make the payment bypass work? In match set up I clicked pay online and set up a bypass password. When the registration is opened it has the payment link but nowhere to put a bypass password.

Read through this please.

IF you are logged in at the Admin you will not see what a regular account sees.

I see what to do now for 1 time codes. Is there any other bypass? Example of what we want to do. With the covid thing we made our local matches prepay only. We have certain club members that don’t pay for any matches (club officers) is there a way for them to have a bypass short of a one time code we have to give them each time? This way they don’t have to contact admin each time.



Hi.Just wondering if the 2nd gun/discount fee feature us ready yet? My club treasurer is not very computer savvy, and just going to Stripe was traumatic enough. Having to process full payment for a second gun, and then refunding the difference would just about drive her nuts! PLEASE have his worked on , and ready for July.