Matches not showing up on map when you view

So I have read the threads about matches not showing up on calendar of events however, our Google map data is exactly the same as the address entered and it is still not showing up.

Any idea’s of what I am doing wrong?

If you are talking about matches showing up on a match search based on location, it is working properly. (I had to change my default location from TN to the Naples area) If you are talking about upcoming matches showing up on a shooters dashboard. The shooter has to be following the club for them to show.

Hmm, That is weird. I am following my club and when i click “Matches” nothing on the map appears. You need to dig down further to see anything. I wonder why it wont show up for me?


Try going to your Dashboard and clicking on the ‘Find Events’ tab -


You should see matches that are upcoming for clubs whose matches you’ve attended before and clubs that you’re following.

  • Paul

I manage the club and i follow myself and my personal profile follows my range , when i click on events or matches , none of my matches show up on the map view like i posted up above. My other friends clubs do, but my club does not.

Sorry, Matthew - I thought you were specifically looking for upcoming matches from clubs you follow.

I don’t think that it matters whether you follow the club or not when looking at the map under ‘Matches’. I don’t follow Deep 50, but I can see the club’s upcoming matches in the map (like DJ, I updated my location to Naples, FL and was able to see them). I can only suggest making sure that you don’t have any search filters applied.

  • Paul

I have triple checked and i still get the same results. All the other clubs but Deep 50 appear.

Does anyone know why this is happening?

Also trying to figure this out. We created a new club today and made a match but neither are showing up when searching for the club or match.

It sure would be nice of someone here with knowledge could help explain and provide a solution.

Again this morning I club searched for Deep 50. It pops right up.
What device are you using, What browser are you using? Have you properly cleared your browser cache?
The other question I have is this, Are you cloning matches? the club seems to have numerous matches listed out pretty far.

Theses are all the screenshots of the PS account using This is the email account you are communicating with us.
Everything is viewable here. We are not really sure what else you are looking for.

Take a look at this thread.

Last but not least. Just now I went to Match search, updated my location to Naples, and Deep matches show up as designed.

Searching for the club is not the issue. When selecting “Matches” from the menu choice, Other club matches appear however, ours do not.

To answer your second question, No, we are not cloning. Start from scratch. I believe we only have 4 matches listed? If you look at the other 2 clubs, their matches appear. Ours do not.

Yes, you can find us if you search for us however, we do not appear on the map when you first select matches. We do not appear here. Also, you can select our state but our city does not appear as an option. When viewing USPSA matches, only then , do the matches appear. When you select IDPA or Steel Challenge, it takes away the USPSA matches and none appear. Singularly , IDPA and Steel Challenge do not appear .

Sorry but everything is working properly. You need to try clearing cache.
In this test I logged out of Practicsore, then logged in with a generic account that is not an admin account. To be doubly sure I cleared the browser cache.
Then I clicked on the matches tab. Drug the geolocator map to south Florida and clicked the “Update Location” button. The clicked the map over Naples.
This is the exact screen that popped up.

ok, that is just weird. I have cleared my cache several times and even used 3 different browsers and still get the same results. Does anyone else have this issue when updating their location to zip code 34114 ? Can you see our club and matches without entering our name?

I still dont see it under a different login

What matches show on the rest of the page? What matches show on the second of the search pages. It sorts by date and your first match is 16 days away. Zoom in closer when you search. I can make the first match show or disappear on the first page by zooming out just a bit.

On Page 2, none of mine. Page 1 should show mine and the pin points on the map

Page 3 shows my matches and then populates however, it should be on page 1.