Match Dashboard

In the Match Dashboard looking at the registered shooters what does the Lottery button do?

what does Randomize do?

what does export to practiscore do

Hi Rod!
Lottery and Randomize is usually used for things like lottery drawings and random draw prize tables. It chooses shooters randomly from the list.
Export to PS exports the shooters to the PS app.

Ok Madison
Thats funny

Thank you

Actually Madison
Export PS exports to the PS App does that by pass the need for the pin?

It does, but it uploads the file to your device as a CSV that you’ll need to import into the devices. Using the pin is more convenient.

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Can i ask another question
when we set the security settings on when we set up the match
then we shoot the match
and need to post scores to
the security settings on the master tablet dont need to be touched or changed when we upload the results as the results security settings will be as they weher when the macth was set up…is that correct

That is correct. We have a small bug on certain security settings that we are working on fixing.

Phew yes ok
i have seen what that bug does do
thank you