Make Match Document Availble on Competitor Personal Managment page

Can you make the match documents available on the competitor Personal Managment Page along with the registration page. The stages are available but not the other documents. I am currently working around this by adding the documents in under additional stages. As an alternative it would be good to be able to rename the Stage Tabs on the personal management page so we can label the with Match documents.
I have included examples of what I have done so competitors can see the match Book and Range Map on the personal management page:

Adding stages twice as a workaround likely break some of PractiScore normal features.

For example creation of the match stages when importing a match with pin# into PractiScore app for Android.

See Create stages automatically when downloading match from the PractiScore web site

Please note that shooter can jump to the closed match registration page to see the match documents using the match name link at the top of the shooter’s private page: