Looking for information on setting up team scoring and individual scoring

Thanks in advance for the help. I’m planning to start a team challenge in a PRS match to allow individuals to create 4-man teams and be scored as both individual and teams. I see the team option on the Android app but am not sure if I’m able to add that to the registration form to allow participants to choose a team and have that flow into the app via PIN registration import.
I also played around with a past scored match and added a few shooters into teams to see scoring. I didn’t see any changes in the results on the android app. What am I doing wrong?


I don’t think pin# import will bring team names from the registration form (yet?). You could get around that by exporting a CSV file from the web site and then importing that CSV into the match on device.

The team scores will show up when match shooters have some teams assigned and match settings specifies a max number of shooters in the team.

If you want us to look at it, email the match export file *.psc from device to [email protected] or share link to the match results posted on PractiScore web site.

Thanks for the reply. The suggested method will work. I added the team numbers but was not seeing any change in the results. Your note about setting the max number of shooters value did the trick. I’ll try out the csv export/import for team names. I run a national series in Canada with over 80 events annually. I would not have been able to do it without practicscore. Thanks again!

Glad to hear.

PS: btw, I’m Canadian too. Near GTA.

Nice! You should come out to our matches then next year. rimfireprecision.ca We will have a bunch in Southern Ontario - London-area and some in the Ottawa Valley. Thanks for all your work!

The PRS and alikes are not my favorite activity (yet), but thanks.