Is there a way to keep user added categories?

SASS user.
we have club categories in addition to the SASS ones in the program
they have to be typed in each time we have a match
is there a way to keep them in:
Make a master template to copy for each match?
Somehow add these to PS program itself?
some other way

didn’t find anything when I searched so asking here


@Walter_Laich see Creating your own match templates in PractiScore app

Also, if you are using PractiScore match registration and then pin#, you can restore your custom categories from a local custom match template using the “Default” button on the category editing screen.

Thank you EK,
I figured there was a way–I’m not the worker bee that uses PS but know our officers that do have been reinventing the wheel for each math as far as categories go.

When one of them is “Left-handed shooter, over 65, that walks with a limp,” it takes a bit of time to type that in at each match

appreciate it