Is the Practiscore Match PIN always 6 letters or are numbers used?

A new match director tried to download match to primary tablet but it wasn’t working with the PIN. I suggested the number one he was entering was actually the letter l. And it worked.

Yes, it’s letters. :+1:

It was made so you don’t have to switch between layouts on mobile keyboard. E.g. some iOS and Android keyboards are not showing numbers on the main keyboard layout.

Follow-up question: After entering the correct six letters the match appeared to download to the tablet but when checking it didn’t as the prior week’s match was still showing. He tried several times with same result. I suggested he delete the prior week match (leaving a match titled ‘Your first match’ or something like that) then it worked. I have another follow-up after this one.

So is he using Android or iPads?
After he enters the PIN number it asks him to accept the importation. If it’s not doing that then it’s not importing.
Does he have the import into the existing match checkbox checked? Then it will import the registration into an existing match…

As best I could watching over his shoulder it appeared he did everything correctly as you asked about. I will watch more closely as he uses the Android tablet.

Let’s close this topic as I can’t provide more info on what was the problem.

Have you tapped “Accept” on the screen showing details of the incoming changes?

Do NOT use “import into existing match” option, unless you realize all consequences associated with that.

And what are the consequences with importing into existing match? That may be this and other related problems I had experienced.

Well, problem #1 is that you duplicate most everything… Stages … shooters…
For experienced MDs only. Even then it’s hard to have a good reason.

  • They are TWO completely different matches
  • match template on a tablet can be out of date (if MD haven’t kept the PractiScore app if to date)
  • match names may not be in sync (if MD is not paying attention)
  • match type may not be the same between web and tablets (error prone)
  • results may or may not get linked to the club page that was running registration
  • importing stages from the web site won’t work. See Create stages automatically when downloading match from the PractiScore web site

I probably missed/forgot a few more…

Note that you can use pin# to bring match to the tablet right after match was created on the web site. After that you can create stages and do other stuff. Then you can use pin# import again after registration is completed to bring all the shooters in.

One example when you may have to use import into the current match is when you have a local match template (usually timeplus or timeplus with points for some outlaw or odd competitions) with customized penalties/bonuses that you don’t want to re-add again into the standard match.

Though I probably should add a feature into the app to re-import default penalties/bonuses similar to importing default Divisions, Categories, Classes and Checkins.

Thanks for the replies. It helps to understand what we have done to ourselves. There isn’t a lot of sharing among MDs in our club about Practiscore do’s and don’ts. Especially with the turn over in MDs. Let’s close this topic for now. Next time I will document/video our club experience’s to share with the community for better understanding. And more important tell my club MDs about this forum so they can ask their own questions. BTW: I am flattered that my YouTube videos on Practiscore are posted to this forum. I was wondering where the viewers came from as nobody from my club seems to be interested in them.

Please take time to go through the Tutorials here. There is so much information to learn.
share it to others in the club.