IOS will not load scores from just one stage from any Android Device using sync or importing the match file

Today for some reason I can not get the IOS version of the app to show or sync back any of the 59 scores from just one stage of the match. The other 2 stages sync back just fine. And I have tied multiple iOS devices with multiple versions. Same thing. First time after years of running the app I have ever seen this.

I am trying to get the scores back from 3 different Android Kindle devices, I can sync the missing scores between the kindles just fine but the IOS app will not sync back from any of the kindles just the one stage scores. It will sync back everything else just fine IE stage updates, name updates, etc

Also I then on the Kindle exported the match file and then delete it on the IOS device and did a import. All the scores are there expect for Stage 2 which is the one that will not sync at all.

If I delete the file on the iOS devices it will then pull the entire match back expect for the stage 2 scores as a new match.

Everything was checked and the 2 iPADs and 3 Kindles are all running the latest version of the app as of today.

I have match backup files from both the iPAD and Kindle if you need them.

The only difference in that stage vs the other stages is that some paper targets were deleted. But that was done on the iPAD and then synced that way down to the Kindles. Normally we only sync scores back from the Kindle to the iPAD. Though this time I have been trying everything to get those stage scores back up to the iPAD.

This is the root cause of your issue.

Historically there are some differences how iOS and Android app are handling deleted targets. If you need to edit stage after match is started, and it is scored on Android, then better to delete those targets on Android device. If you are deleting targets in the iOS app, make sure deleted targets are at the end of the list.

To fix this issue now, you will need to delete match from the iOS device. Then on Android device go to the stage editing screen, then tap edit targets to open the targets editing screen, after that back out of it and save “edited” stage. If it won’t tell you to save stage, you may need to really edit number of targets (add one target, save and then remove one target again). Then sync your match to iOS and you should see those stage scores.

Thanks. That was it. Though I had to play with the number of targets on the Kindle more then once until it showed no deleted targets at all on the kindle. Only then did the scores move around correctly and did not give other error messages about incomplete scores.