Investigating and correcting scores moved between stages

My scoring tablets stay on the Stage. I forgot to lock the Stage to the tablets so a Squad entered their scores under the wrong Stage. On the scoring tablet I moved the squad, 9 scores, from Stage 6 to Stage 4. When I synced the scoring Stage 4 tablet (only has Stage 4 match scores, 38 scores total) to the Master it all comes across good. The trouble happens when I sync Stage 6 tablet (only has Stage 6 match scores, 38 scores total) to the Master, the Stage 6 scores are short the 9 scores moved from Stage 6 to Stage 4 on the Stage 4 tablet. So I deleted the match from the Master and tried syncing Stage 6 first then Stage 4 but I get the same error; the 9 scores that were moved from Stage 6 to Stage 4 on the Stage 4 tablet are missing on the Mater tablet. Only work around I had to uploaded two set of match scores one incomplete scores and another with the missing scores.

Any solutions?


@Mick_Marchi are you using android app on both master and scoring tablets?

In the PractiScore app for Android the easiest way to sort this out is to use the following steps.

  • Sync all scoring devices to the master
  • On your master tablet go to the “Edit Shooters/Squads” screen, then sort by “Squad”
  • Pick an “incomplete” shooter, then open the shooter entry menu on the right (3 vertical dots) and select “Stages”
  • You will see a popup with the list of stages that also shows scoring status (green vs red) and number of edits for each stage (red square with a number)
  • For your match you likely going to see “Stage 6” having 2 or more edits for that incomplete shooter
  • Tap on “Stage 6” there, it will bring you to the scores review screen, which also shows the scores history
  • Most likely the top/current score will be incomplete saying something like “moved to Stage 4” and one of the entries down below in the history will be the real “Stage 6” score
  • Each entry in the history has a menu (3 vertical dots) and you can use “Restore” option on the right entry from the history to make a given score current
  • Then repeat this for each incomplete shooter

Let me know if you are able to follow trough this

You can also email us your match export files *.psc from the master tablet, as well as from your stage 4 and stage 6 scoring devices at [email protected]

Thanks for the fast response. Your directions worked like a charm and I was able to get my match results corrected, thanks.

I submitted the full correct results, is there a way for me to delete the previous results I submitted?

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@Mick_Marchi unless you cloned match, posting results multiple times will update the previously posted results

PS: I will move this topic to the “tutorial” category as it isn’t specific to IDPA