Identifying Range Officers in the Practiscore App

I read through the tutorial on Range Officer tracking but that functionality is not what I am requesting here.

When we allow shooters to register for one of our USPSA matches we ask them if they are an RO, a CRO, or not certified. We do this primarily to help manage the wait list as we would prefer to allow more certified RO’s into the match. A secondary use for this information is to help with squadding and making sure that each squad has at least one or two certified RO’s to help run things.

What we would like to request is that if that information could somehow be transferred into the app when we pull the data into the devices before the match. If those shooters could either have RO or CRO after their name or maybe have their name in a different color? (Maybe not a good idea for folks still on Nook Simple Touch?)

I think we have all been at a match where no one wants to pick up the timer - by having these people identified in the scoring devices it would be much easier to say - “Hey - you signed up and identified as an RO - how about helping me out here since I just ran the last six shooters?”

Until website will have a full blown support for “checkins”, that data will not go trough when using pin# import and your only option is to use import registered competitors into the PractiScore app using CSV file.

The above link does have details for checkins (verified for Android). The most match templates have “RO” checkin defined, you can check that and define your own checkins (and even assign some colors to them in the app).

Then in your match registration form on PractiScore web site create separate checkbox fields named exactly the same as checkins you have for ROs (or else create a multiple-checkbox or radio button field named “Checkin” and add checkin names for individual checkboxes).

Then once your registration is complete you can export CSV from the shooter approval page on web site (you can open it in Excel or Google Sheets to see that the table columns are there and they match ones listed in the above link). After that send that file to one of your tablets and import it in the app from the “Import/Export” screen using “Import Registration” option in the app.

That should be about it.

Why not expand on this?
add a couple of custom import columns to the tablets…

On the web- have a checkbox to import say 2 fields…
Then let the matches decide for themselves what special data they want.
Could be new shooter, RO STATUS, special request, prepaid. Or something else…

@Jim_McBurnett that’s what I just described. Such “custom columns” are called “check-ins” on the tablets. You can add anything you like.

This the checkin list and how they looked on the shooter list screen from the last weekend 2021 Florida State match: