How to use Pre registration codes

I’m sure I’m just missing something simple. I have been trying to use the pre-registration option, but when i set it up, the registration page has no option to input the code?

Have you taken a look at our tutorial?
How To: Create Preregistration codes that Bypass or Do Not Bypass payment - Tutorials, Learn how to do Stuff - Practiscore Support Community

Thanks! The problem i was having, was on the registration page. I had no place to input the pregistration code. I see that it is there but not when i am logged in under my normal match director account. It is there if i log in under a normal shooters account. I thin k i got a hold of it now. I appreciate the help

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As a MD, you usually can’t see how something looks unless you’re under a different account (from a general competitor account). Glad you got it figured out.