How to keep it simple for MDs who don't like Practiscore

With new MDs who just want to shoot and not worry about details like Practiscore can one create a template/standard that will have all the needed penalties, bonus points etc from match to match and will stay the same unless changed by MD.

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My club has a monthly match in which all the penalties are the same for every match. Sometimes the MD has to add strings of fire to a given stage but for the most part its same scoring/penalties for every match. Is it possible to designate one of our club’s android tablets as the master (primary) tablet for all matches and then download each monthly match to it on registration day. MDs then would only have to add/edit/shooters for that day’s match during registration before sync with secondary tablets that would be used by squads.

We believe we have made Practiscore as easy as possible for MD’s and range officers to use. Wanting to shoot and not worry about details such as match scores doesn’t seem like what a Match Director is about.
Setting courses of fire, scoring the match and providing results is what a MD does.
Possibly these fellows just want to “maybe” be Range Officers?

In the old days, pre Practiscore, all scores were written down and the MD had to enter them into a spreadsheet to tally results. It took hours and hours to do.
I hope this explains how PS is not just a match “Detail”.

Now, as far as administering your monthly match. You might consider creating a match that is what you want to use and Since you are using Androids you can create a Template (Eugene has a tutorial here for that) that you can use again and again on your master.

I would also suggest that you have any new MD read this tutorial so they have a feel for things.


@Doug_Caldwell as DJ said, you can have custom match template and use it to create your matches on device with preconfigured penalties, bonuses, divisions, etc.

All shooters can be also registered in the app on device (if you don’t to match pre-registration on PS web site). But if you use web site to pre-register (and/or to pay for the match) you can then use pin# import feature and select “import into the current match” option to pull shooters registered online.

The custom match template is one of the exceptions when “import into the current match” option for pin# need to be used (or can’t be avoided).

Thanks for both of your replies. I will look over this info. I have been spreading the word to ‘influencers’ about the forum as a place to get answers.