How to Build and Score a 2 man team Hit Factor Match?

I’m putting on a 2 man team hit factor match in a couple weeks and I’m having a bit of trouble getting it setup right in registration and then getting that to transfer into the tablet correctly. I’m testing with a mockup match first before I set it up and open to the shooters so I can work the bugs out. I enabled groups in registration online and figured out how to get teams signed up with the codes and team names.

My issues are coming when I import into the tablet. When I import the match with a handful of shooters signed up in teams and go to edit shooters the tablet knows nothing about those shooters being on teams and I had to compare the edit shooters to the online list and re-add team names to the shooters. Once I do that I’m able to sort the shooters by team in the edit shooters list but I don’t know what I’m missing to make it import the shooters with the teams in place already. Otherwise having them sign up as teams in advance online seems totally pointless if none of that info makes it to the tablet.

My second issue is after I get them into the correct teams in the tablet on edit shooters page and go to enter scores, the enter scores page knows absolutely nothing about the teams and won’t sort by team or show any affiliation between shooters on the same team so all the shooters are just in random order and I can’t group them or score them as teams.

I recently shot a different match that did this and it worked there so what am I missing here? Is it somewhere online in match setup or is it in the tablet?

The team info isn’t transferred when you use pin#. But you can export CSV from the registration website and use CSV import in the app.

E.g. see Looking for information on setting up team scoring and individual scoring - #2 by euxx

So I just tried doing it by csv like you suggested but it didn’t work. Team names are attached on the view/approve shooters page. When I export to csv and import it on the tablet however team names are not attached at all to the shooters and when I check the actual csv file on my laptop the team field doesn’t even show up in the csv at all which explains why it wasn’t there when imported but I don’t know why it didn’t export it.

Even if I manually do teams on the tablet after I import the match though I can’t see any team affiliation at all on the enter scores page so that makes actually scoring it somewhere between a nightmare and nearly impossible…

@Tucker_Judd you need to to to the “Approve/View Shooters” page for your match and then use the “Export / All data” option. It will give you a CSV file with all match fields.

Also you must to name your custom fields (including the “team” one) as described in Importing shooter registration data into PractiScore app

Ok, that got it imported with teams attached on the tablet. Thanks!

Now how do I get it to actually score with teams when I enter scores or make it show me teams anywhere from the enter scores page?

You don’t score teams. The team results are calculated from individual competitor’s results.

Also need to set max scores for teams to 2 in the match settings on the tablet and you will find the team results option on the view results screen.