From registration form to the app

How are the fields from a registration form imported into the app?
There is a detailed description how to create a csv file which is properly imported into the app. But what in case of a registration form?
I’m pretty sure the most important fields, like first name, last name, etc, are handled properly. But I can’t figure out how to import anything into the “Region” field in the app. As a consequence, when I export to WinMSS, all the shooters are Canadians.

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Some of the fields may not be imported when you use pin# import, so you could get around that trough CSV import into the app.

See details on CSV import into the app at Importing shooter registration data into PractiScore app

You may need to tweak CSV file you download from PractiScore web site (or elsewhere) to match with the expected column names described in this article. I recommend to edit CSV files in Excel or Google Sheets.

If some of the fields you are expecting aren’t being imported, let me know at [email protected] and attach your CSV file with your email.

Dear Eugene,
Thank you again for your prompt response.
In our practice, we are importing the updated registration data from very late: even in the day of the match, in the morning. Therefore, going around through the csv file is not an option - no time for that. I prefer changing the Canadians into Poles while importing the results to WinMSS.

However, if it may be treated as a feature request, I’d like to have the field “Region” imported from a registration form to the same field in the app. But I understand it would require an introduction of a standard dropdown menu with country codes, so it’s not so easy.
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@Dariusz_Bismor As it happens importing region into the app for the match pin# will have to be done on the PractiScore web site. No change is needed in the app. Though I’ve been told the web crew is currently busy on other projects and no eta on web site updates.

For a quick change of Region in the Android app. Go to the shooter list screen. Sort by Region from the top menu. Tap and hold shooters you need to change (can also use “select all” from the top menu after selection mode is active). Then use “Region” option to change region for all selected shooters.

Dear Eugene
This is so fantastic!
I never knew there is a group edit option! Basically this solves the problem.
Thank you!