Fire 7 tablet unable to view folders

I am trying to either restore a backup or view a score log for one stage of a match on a Fire 7 9th gen tablet. When I browse the files, under the Practiscore folder I only see the “Match” folder, which is empty. I should be able to see 7 folders under the Practiscore folder. I can view these on my phone and the older fire 7s we have, but not the newer 9th gen.

In Practiscore when I try to restore backup, the psc file is grayed out and it says “no such file or directory exists”. I can restore other matches, but not the one I need.

I tried on a the fire file explorer and on a desktop via USB. These folders are not showing up.

I know to change the USB setting to file transfer, which is the only solution I have found so far.

Any suggestions on how to get those lost scores?

@Robert_F please see instructions at PractiScore app for Android and Android 10, 11 and 12

Basically you need to enable local scorelog, select a new folder for logs and backups and give app permission to access it.

Also if you can see some of your backup files in an external file manager, you can move them to some public folder like Downloads and then use regular “Import” option in the app.

Ok, now at least my future score logs will be safe. Thanks!

I can only see my backup files and folders while navigating through Practiscore. Is there no other way to get to those files?

I can’t say for certain. It is device-specific. They may or may not be visible in a file manager app.

Thanks for the fast responses. I’m going to say they are not accessible. Lesson learned.

I can see the new score logs folder and backup file since I followed your instructions so that’s good.