Fire 7 Tablet - 16GB or 32 GB

Is 16GB enough memory or do I need 32GB? I am setting up for our club and all this is new to me.

I have several 16GB Fire 8 tablets and the 16GB has never been an issue since they are only used for scoring. I also have 4 of the 32GB Fire 8’s and don’t notice any difference. I like the Fire 8’s better and the older shooters can see it better. The strange part is 2 other clubs on the same range use Fire 7 and through the summer they had several issues with them getting too hot and shutting down where I have never in 4 years had a single heat issue and I have purposely laid them out in direct sun for an hour and no problems. I can’t offer a reason why but the 8’s seem to take the heat better or maybe I’m just lucky.
Amazon frequently puts the 8’s on a great sale, just last week they were on sale for $45 each.

I have also added a micro SD card to the external slot and have it writing score logs to the card so I can recover scores in the event of a disaster.

I forgot to mention that the Fire 8’s that go on sale start out at 32GB.

The 16gb vs 32gb is the local data storage capacity. It does affect how many matches you can have saved on device, but even for 16gb it is a lot of matches. Also, in both cases local storage is extendable by an external SD card and we do recommend to use that to save local score log. So, you aren’t going to see performance difference for different storage capacity.

However there are several models/generations of both Fire 7 and Fire 8 devices. Newer models have beefier CPU and more memory (RAM) and that does make things run faster on those new devices. You can find somewhat complete technical specs reference for Fire device models at Fire HD - Wikipedia

Bottom line. If you are buying Fire 7 - prefer the latest generation model (2022). For Fire 8 - either get the latest generation (2022, will be released on October 19, 2022) or one before (2020, for this one you can often find refurbished ones on sale).


@D.J.Petrou it depends. The 2020 Fire 8 model on sale is nearly half the price of 2022. If you are buying 10…12 devices for a club - the 2020 model is still a good investment that will last 4…5 years, maybe more.

Thank you to all. Great info here!

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@Michael_DeNoble simply go to the list of categories on this web site. Each category has its own pinned posts. Or you can also use search at the top.