Feature request: Improve ps-app to meet Level III+ requirements

To provide proper report for Level III+ matches RM should collect certain info during the match(and to comply we did it on paper recently), been in sw dev. long time realized that this info could be collected by ps-app during the match, thus suggest some improvements(feature requests) :
1)Need to track RO on timer and RO on tablet for each squad, suggested workflow: after clicking on “Enter score”->selecting stage->selecting squad give a drop-down list of ROs for "Timer " and “Tablet” (memoizable, i.e. for next squad app will keep previous choice of ROs). List of ROs could be created by adding/using extra Boolean property to “Shooter’s table” as an let say “RO” check-box(similar to “Walk-in”)
2)Need to specify a reason for “Reshoot”, something like “stage wasn’t reset”, “prematurely patching”, “not confirmed squib” from IPSC rules (similar to DQ reasons) reasons, suggested workflow(again similar to DQ) after selecting “Reshoot” radio-button, user should select appropriate reason for reshoot from dropdown list.
3) Create extra let say “Comment”(free text , limited to 50-100 chars) field for shooter’s score(after “Additional Penalties”) to enter any extra info for this shooter/moment(entry has date/time stamp) to describe any extra info/situation happened with this shooter(like “squib”) or time(like “match stopped because of heavy rain” or “emergency help was provided”)
4)Create report(similar to “Match progress”), that RM(or other official) can extract info above based on day/stage/squad sorting hierarchy, i.e. summary who worked on particular day , particular squad and reshoot reasons/reshoot numbers (grouped by type) summary and “comments” summary for particular squad.
Features #1 and #2 could be switchable, i.e. if user don’t want to collect such info it could be skipped for consecutive entries.

Understand that it’s not trivial requests, but it will help illuminate paper work from match officials, which is the main purpose(I guess) for great Practiscore App. Thanks.

@Alexandre_Dolgovykh you can start at this article Range Officer tracking in PractiScore app

We will look at adding reshoot reasons in 2.0 apps. In the meantime you can help us by compiling a complete list of all reshoot rules for each discipline.

As for a free form entry. From the past experience, most ROs are not capable of typing anything on the tablet or simply don’t have time for that during match. E.g. you can see that for yourself in the chrono notes in the past match results posted online.

Thanks for advice, but with current feature, we can just identify scoring RO(who is on tablet), for big matches we need to know who also was on timer(i.e. field RO), it will be great that after initial scoring person identification , RO who’s running timer could be also identified per squad basis, and which is more important this info should be available somehow(better way through report), as for reshoot reasons I will try to compile them for handgun(and other discipline use it as basis).
No quite agree on free text entry, yes biggest majority of matches doesn’t require such info, but when it’s mandatory(I personally)had to write it on paper, and later RM spent time to do summary based on each CRO manual writing to create final match report, again user can just ignore it(if not necessary) Thanks.

The RO information is currently available on the scores review screen.

Noted reports and extending these features. The RO tracking and on-screen signature/initials have been in the apps for 5…7 years and demonstrated very little use at matches. These features need to gain more use in the field.

Understood. There are few places in in the scoring flow where text entry is provided. E.g. DQ info and Chrono entry. Reshoots have specific well defined rules, though I can see a potential need for some DNFs.

Also general reports from CRO to RM may not necessary fit well with the scoring flow or not associated with competitor scores at all, e.g. things like shooting is stopped due to rain or range cease fire. Many matches are using group chats on some messaging platforms and have CRO/RO post all updates and notes there.

Main Reshoot Reasons from (Jan.2024) Rule book for Handgun:
2.3.3 RM revised COF
4.7.2 Range equipment failure Targets presented differently
5.4.3 Competitor lost protection Safety “stop” not confirmed
8.2.2 Incorrect start position Prematurely shooting(“false start”)"
8.6.3 Interference during COF
8.6.5 Safety “self-stop”
9.1.3 Prematurely patched target
9.1.4 Unrestored targets
9.7.5 Insufficient or excess score entry
9.7.7 Score lost
9.10.1 Timer failure
9.10.2 Unrealistic time
Appendix C1 6c)Popper failed calibration

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