Feature request: AMG Timer to inform number of shots for SC

We use the AMG timers with bluetooth shot transfer and it works great. This presents an opportunity. Recently we had a situation where some shots were missed even though the last shot ( stop plate ) was recorded. Data for (3) shots was sent to tablet, no issue. However, this really should be a reshoot scenario.

The feature request is for the Scoring app to display the number of shots captured by the AMG timer as part of the data transfer and then the scorer can confirm that at least (5) ( for steel challenge ) were captured. Even something like turning the timer icon a different color ( <5 ) would be a good starting point.

@Jim_Doran in the Android app the number of shots is shown on the review screen.

It is also shown on a quick popup shown when data is received from the timer.

You can also tap the “String N” text to review individual shots recorded. See details Bluetooth timers support in PractiScore app for Android

Currently the app shows a small icon next to the time entry field when there is shot data present. I’ll see if I could fit number of shots next to it.

However generally in all shooting sports only the last shot needed to count for score and RO need to watch the timer to confirm that timer had received the last shot. With the last shot recorded, having some missing shots in the middle is not really a reason for a reshoot and I don’t think PractiScore should encourage this.

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with the speed of steel challenge and sub 2 second strings, it is almost impossible for the RO ( watching for safety infractions ) to verify the last shot. The highest confidence is when the shot count is what the RO witnessed ( in most cases 5 for good shooters ) ;

The small icon with shots would be great. This way the timekeeper can double check. I will try tonight to view the quick popup as I don’t recall that.