Bluetooth timers support in PractiScore app for Android

PractiScore app for Android integration with Bluetooth-enabled timers allows to download stage time, incuding all recorded individual shots and save them with competitor’s scores. This data is shown on the scores review screen, as well as in the PractiScore Competitor app.

Currently PractiScore app for Android supports the following timers:

To use Bluetooth link you need a tablet running Android 4+ with Bluetooth LE support. Bluetooth and Location services need to be enabled. But you don’t need to pair timer in the system Bluetooth settings.

In PractiScore app, the scoring squad list screen there is a “Timer” menu option in the main screen menu (look at the top right corner for 3 vertical dots, it could be also shown as “Timer” icon), which can be used to scan and link Bluetooth timer. Make sure to turn your timer on and then tap “Timer” icon in the app. Once it is discovered, your timer will be shown in the list:

The currently linked timer is shown in a bold text and you can tap on a timer entry to link with a different timer device.

From this dialog you can also adjust settings of the currently linked timer. For instance, change timer sensitivity (see your timer documentation for what values to use). Primarily we recommend this to use with Rangetech timer. The AMG Lab timer allows to control sensitivity from the timer menu.

After timer is selected. The scoring screen will show the “Timer” icon hn the bottom right side:

  • To start timer you can either push button on a timer or do a long tap on the “Timer icon on the scoring screen
  • For the AMG Lab timer you can tap on the “Timer” icon to receive current string time (shot push mode is being added in the near future)
  • For the Rangetech timer and Smart Stop Plate the time is pushed over as soon shots are detected. To stop timer you can push button on the timer again.
  • The AMG Lab timer also has “push” mode which can be enabled in the timer system menu (see documentation for more details), though we don’t recommend using this mode for matches

Time received from the timer is immediately added into the time-editing field. In addition to that all detected shot times are saved with the shooter’s scores.

You can review received shots from the scoring screen by tapping in the time field label (e.g. “Time”, “String 1”, etc. text):

The current stage time is shown in bold, usually it’s the last shot. But you can tap on the time to select another shot to be used for stage results. You can also use long tap to delete shot from the list (e.g. when it is obviously look as an echo).

You can also use long-tap on the same time field label to open string history. In case stage time was accidentally overwritten, then tapping on one of the strings will copy string data into the current score:

Once scoring is completed you can use “Review” button to open scores review screen and time splits are also shown there:

The captured data is posted with the match results and is available in the PractiScore Competitor app for advanced analysis and comparison:

For practice with AMG Lab timer we also recommend to use the PractiScore Log app. It keeps track of repeated drills without a need to spend time on configuring matches, stages and adding competitors.