Fail to import CSV file for registration

Hi, I have been using Practiscore for some time, and yet I have not been able to import the registration with the CSV file as suggested.

I normally use my phone (an android) to create match and import the registration. After I have downloaded the CSV file I have created with Excel (either a UTF-8 CSV or a normal CSV format), and when I tried to import to the app, the file name would be darken out and would not allow me to select it. I have to revert back to manual entering the competitors into the app one by one.

I am wondering if I have done anything wrong? I have used all the correct headings based on the tutorial.

Please tell me if I am missing something.
But why are you not using the Practiscore PIN number in the Registration to import to the scoring system?
Are you not using Practiscore for registration?

IF you are using registration from outside Practiscore (why)
Here is a tutorial on doing it.

@Alaric_Cheng most likely the CSV file you downloaded to your device is not recognized by Android system as CSV.

To get around that you can use a file manager app on your Android phone, then do a “rename file” and add “.csv” at the end of the file name (even if it already has “.csv” at the end). After that see if the PractiScore app will let you select the renamed file.