Export Master record from Kindle

I would like to export my master record from my kindle to the new iPad i will be using as the master device. I know this can be done on an iPad, but i cannot find how to export from the kindle.
I do have email set up on both devices as well as google drive to transfer the file.

You can only export competitor registrations from individual matches. On the “Import / Export” screen use “Export Registration” option.

I was afraid of that.
I was hoping there was a way to transfer the master file out of the kindle though. There is an option on the iPad version to do it.

@Nick_Amescua there isn’t really a thing like “master file”. But the registration import does update the local shooter names cache on Android, so as sync, so as importing matches.

Also, if you want to export competitors from multiple matches you can just merge these matches into a temp match, then export or sync the temp match to a new device, then you can delete match from both devices.

Thank you, I will try that