Email Outbox - Resend Emails

is there any way to find the emails sent out over practiscore? I repeatedly get the feedback ‘I didn’t get your email about the match, the event etc’
I advise the guys to check their spam folder and their practiscore inbox but it would be great to be able to find the emails sent out somewhere on the match and the event dashboard and resend them to certain shooters.
Best regards, Andy

There is not a way to “resend” email to one shooter.
You can go into the Mach dashboard and access the sent emails. I imagine you could copy the text and then paste it in an email to a shooter.
But really, isn’t having the shooter look in their Practiscore inbox jut the easiest thing to do?
Everything they get is right there.

OK, I see that.
For matches the emails can be found on the match dashboard, but (at least in my browser) they are unformatted, one-line endless text. I guess it can be copy/pasted but it’s not easy, at least if there’s some amount of text.
For events, I can’t find the emails anywhere. So if I get the feedback ‘I never got the email’ I can’t easily check what has been sent out. I refer them to their inbox but not all people seem to check or even find those and by the time they do and check the contents, the info might be old.
I started to add my own email address to the emails (add additional recipients) I send out and sometimes I actually get them but sometimes I don’t.
Ideal would be an outbox containing all emails sent out from that account. Doesn’t have to be per recipient, of course.