Practiscore is Not Sending Emails

I am running into an issue two months in a row now…
I send emails to the squads (Manage Squadding > Email all in squad), letting them know the bay in which they’ll be starting the match. I get the green bar across the top of the page which says “your emails have been sent”. I am not checking any of the boxes (paid shooters only, squadded shooters only, etc) on the email message page.

The messages are not being sent. I know, because I’m in one of the squads. I received a text from one of our participating shooters tonight, saying they did not receive an email with their starting bay. When I checked my own email, I did not have one either. I went back to each squad and sent the message out again. They went through this time and I received the email in my personal email inbox.
This is the second month in a row that this has occurred. It has not occurred in any of my previous matches.

Additionally, I am not seeing any of these sent email messages in the Match Dashboard, contrary to what this thread says: Email Outbox - Resend Emails

There is no “Emails” section showing in the match dashboard, despite confirmed receipt of the second batch of emails I had to send out to the squads.

So, two issues:

  1. Email sending appears to be unreliable and messages are not being sent.
  2. There is no way to verify that messages are being sent because the Emails section is not showing in the Match dashboard as it is supposed to.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated because this is very frustrating and confusing for our shooters.

I need you to be more specific on what you are doing and what “exact” matches you are talking about. For example, when you email through the squad page what check boxes are you choosing?

The more specific you are, beginning with the club name, the match name…etc., the more successful we can be in helping.

This is what I get when I run a demo match with shooters squadded and sending the email from the manage squad page.
This is the email with no boxes checked.

This is the received email.

Here is the email with Squadded Only checked.

Here is the email received,

The only thing I see is that you might be using a mobile device with sketchy network connection.
OR you are using an outlook email as your PS email which is one of the email providers (along with hotmail, aol, etc) that do not give good service in our system. (gmail works the best)
There could be a number of things causing the problem.


I am not using a mobile device. However, I am using an outlook email address from which to send. Is there anything I can do to make the outlook address function better?

Issues occurred with the Oregon ARPC April and May Speed Steel Events. I am sending out the August Speed Steel email notifications to the squads right now. I’m in one of the squads and was able to receive the email, as expected. So, maybe it works, or just outlook is generally spotty/unreliable? I’ll try to keep you posted.