Division not part of stage, changing to overall

For one stage only in my match I’m getting a red warning that fades away on the website that says division not part of stage, changing to overall. All other stages let me filter by division. Main app on master tablet has correct divisions under view results.

Competitor app seems ok.

What match are you referring to?

Which stage are you having issues with? I’m able to look through all of them with no problem

It’s really weird but it’s not happening anymore. I had several competitors raise the issue and the RM and I both confirmed the issue with the web version of results even after multiple uploads. But it’s working now somehow

@Jason_Bryngelson next time try to clear a browser cache or force-refresh (e.g. Ctrl-Refresh, Ctrl-F5 etc) on the results web page.

Jason by chance was it Stage 5 that was having issues?

I’ve run into this a few times myself, recently this past weekend. Two areas that I suspect were causing issue are that I had “Enable Score log” checked, and the stage 4 name contained apostrophes. (https://practiscore.com/results/new/153440)

My first effort to resolve the issue was to manually reenter stage scores into a “new” stage. After re-uploading results the issue persisted. On a hunch I renamed the stage from “Auntie Jackie’s sister’s brother’s boy” to “Auntie Jackies sisters brothers boy”, omitting the apostrophes, and performed another upload.

I can’t say with certainty that “it” was the fix because my email inbox was also inundated with dozens of email notifications referring to score logs.

Yes it was Stage 5. I was wondering about the apostrophe but it had never been an issue prior, though admittedly we never turned on score logs before this match.

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@Jason_Bryngelson @Christopher_Stallwor the match results website really has no clue about scorelogs and does not use the scorelog data in any way.

My guess that some processing code was choking on the apostrophes or other symbols. We’d have to reproduce this issue somehow… hopefully could use data from your registration page, if stages were pulled down from there and not created manually on a tablet… :frowning:

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For what it’s worth, “everything” is entered manually on the Practiscore.com website and in the Practiscore App, the caveat being that I may have Copy/Pasted from PowerPoint vs plain text. In addition to registrations, I’ve really just been using the site to post a preview of stages… I haven’t even explored pulling the stages down from the website into the app. :thinking:

I’ve been operating under the assumption that Shooter info from registrations was the only thing that could be pulled into the app.

WHOOT?! Create stages automatically when downloading match from the PractiScore web site

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Though copying texts from MS products, like PowerPoint or Word may bring all kind of fancy characters… there are multiple kinds of quotes, apostrophes, etc.

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Thanks Jason. Based off of “euxx’s” reply, perhaps I fat fingered something between the website and the app or copied stage names from a PowerPoint or a .PDF that jacked up the apostrophe.

We don’t typically know the stages until build day so posting to the website and letting the app download them isn’t an option.

Thank you! I attempted to pull them down once last year and had no success… I understand why now.

No success how?

The results above linked by @Christopher_Stallwor have quite impressively elaborate associated match registration page. Linked documents, stage images, briefings, etc

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The registrations imported fine via the PIN entry, but the stages did not download.

Note that stages are not really downloaded as the website don’t have them the way they are needed in the app. But created on the tablet when a match didn’t exist on that tablet and downloaded there for the first time and only on Android (so far).

Also look at the details in the article I linked. E.g. for the stage description like this the app does correctly pull 3 plates, but it won’t pull the number of paper targets:

SCORING: Comstock, 27 ROUNDS, 135 POINTS
TARGETS: 0 IPSC, 0 PP, 12 USPSA, 2 Plates, 0 Mini-Poppers,1 Colt Speed Plate, 0 NS,
SCORED HITS: Best 2 per paper, KD Steel = 1A
START-STOP: Audible – Last Shot
RULES: USPSA Current Edition

It would need to be changed to something like “12 USPSA Targets”.

PS: note that the standard classifier stage descriptions are pulled in correctly

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