Display only results from NRL22 stages

Is there a way to select which stages are displayed together in View Results? I was wanting to look at just the NRL22 stages separate from any extra stages shot in the same match.

Viewing options such as
NRL22 stages
Extra stages

Yes. When your match is finished, you will have the entire match with all stages scored. At that point you can clone the match including the “Clone scores” checkbox selected.
Then on the new cloned match, go into stage builder and delete the bonus stages. Then you are left with NRL22 only stages.
Plenty of clubs do this with their scores every month if you want to see some examples on PS. Look up TN Rimfire on the scores page and you can see some examples.

I would suggest naming your matches in a fashion that makes it easy for your shooters to see which scores are which. So have your first match named “Wayne’s Club April 2022 NRL22 + Bonus stages” and then name the other match “Wayne’s Club April 2022 NRL22 Stages Only”.

I hope this helps!

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