Custom field in the results


At Hungary, we use widely the practiscore.

It has a lot of very good features, and we see only one drawback with this.

We have a shooting federation (MDLSZ), and we have to include an identification number (MDLSZ#) at the results. We are shooting IDPA, so we also have to include the IDPA “member number” in the results.

On the registration side, there is no problem, we can use a “Custom field”, so we can add a second number.

But I couldn’t find any way, to include the custom field to the results, except one: save the result, export the registered shooters, and then search one by one for all shooters in the registration file and copy the MDLSZ# into the result spreadsheet. Sometimes we make an error during this copy, which is a big problem: if we make a typo, then another man will get the result, and even possible the real shooter won’t be classified, which is needed to hold his gun.

So we would be very happy, if you could include the custom field in the results.

If it is easier for you, that also would be very good for us, if there would be an “export results” function, when we (the match’s organizer) can download all registration data (including the custom fields!) and all results combined in a .csv file.

Thank you in advance,
Attila Belme

Hi Attila!

This is something we would like to implement, however, it will take some time as our website developers are currently busy on other projects. Thank you for the input, we will put it on our list!

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@Attila_Belme it will need some support in the apps…

As a quick hack you can try to put your regional membership number into the “region” or to the “province” fields on your match registration form. The CSV import into the apps should work with that (the pin# import probably won’t). Then results reports will show the number (in a region column where present).



Thank you!


Hi Euxx,

We created a test match, included the “Region” field, exported the registrations and then import on the tablet. At this point, it looked very good: we could see the region in the edit shooters.
But when we see the results, we couldn’t see the region. :frowning:

May be, we made an error somewhere?

Thank your answer,

@Attila_Belme it seems like Region is not shown in the Timeplus and IDPA reports. I’ll look into adding it one of the next app updates.

@Attila_Belme I took a closer look…

You can actually put your codes into the “State” field and it will be shown in the results reports.

I’ll update reports for the next app release to include both “Region” and “State” (whichever are present).

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Hello Euxx,

We are waiting for the next app release, when do you plan it?

Thank you in advance,

@Attila_Belme have you opted-in for a pre-release of the PractiScore app for android 1.7.x?


This “State” works for us perfectly!
Thank you for the sollution!