Creating League in IOS

I have been put in charge of getting our club set up with Practiscore. I am able to set up matches, but I cannot figure out how to create a 10 event series/tournament. There is a lot of info for Android users, but we are set up with IOS. I need to be able to have a winner for each event, but have standings for the entire 10 event series.

Hello! At the moment, our developers are working on other projects, so new affiliations/leauges are not being added at this time. However, you can still send us the sport’s rule book, and we’ll keep it on the whiteboard to add during our next update!
As of now, you can also create the match template in Practiscore, and clone the match templates. If you want to use an Android, you can also save it as your own custom match template.

@JT_Morin on iOS device you can tap on the “tree” icon and select matches you want to add into your league.

Though I don’t think iOS “league” support is as elaborate as Android app has. As a simple workaround you could get a cheap Android tablet (Amazon Fire 7 is under $50 and often gets even cheaper on sales like Prime day, Black Friday, etc ) and then run Android app on it to get your “league” scores sorted out.

You can also run Android app in a free Bluestacks player on a PC or a Mac.