Creating a Series, season, Leaderboard on the PS website

Our Series runs 11 matches each year, 5 at location A, 4 at location B, 1 at location C, plus the season Finale.

The highest Score from location A, Location B and another score from any location are averaged to create the season total for an individual shooter.

We currently do this in excel and I would like to do in PS. is this possible?

Hi Joe,
So Location C is not a required match? Is the finale considered or is it the match that needs the results?

Correct Location C is 100% optional. But If you shoot it this can be your third score… Any location can provide the third score

Doing it in the Excel is the simplest option.

Though you can use Series support in PractiScore app for Android to bring all the data together, then export and then open the html report in Excel to do your calculations.

On a side note, the said “series” support allows to use other “series” as part of the series results.

E.g. you can create separate series for locations A and B (with best 1 match result). But I can’t think of a way to exclude matches from these series from the 3rd “another score from any location”.

It sound like excel is our best option. That is kinda what I was thinking. I may play with series support in the android app. it sound like just to see if this is even remotely possible I will need to mock up some score just to attempt this. Definitely not going to be straight forward.

Also, is the version of PS app on amazon the devices the same as regular Android? I would assume the Amazon is like a lite version? Can I configure the series for an Amazon device?

The amazon app store is updated at the same time as Google Play.

I’m in a similar boat to Joe (initial poster - Hey Joe). We have 9+ clubs, 30+ matches. Finale is based best scores for 4 different clubs. In the past I was told PractiScore could not support this. From the answers on this thread, it still seems to be the case. Am I correct?

@Dave_Luu your case is doable if you are willing to do a bit of work. Basically like this:

  • First you need all your matches in the PractiScore app on a single Android tablet
  • Then for each club create a separate series match with the “min results” set to 1 in the match settings. You can also choose there how you want to group competitor’s results (by name, email, etc) and how series results are calculated (points, time, percent - some of that depend on the type of the match). So, you will have new 9+ matches - the individual club series ones.
  • Then select these 4 matches and create another series match for them and select 4 “min results” for this one and keep the same option for competitor’s grouping and results calculations

That’s should be it.

Thank you for your quick response. So only from an Android device? I’m an Apple user.

Do you think I am messing with you there or what? :thinking:

You can get a cheap Android device on Amazon or Bestbuy.

The Android and Apple systems both have a series system available. They are not the same. The Apple system is not as configurable and will not meet your needs.

Everyone here is asking for in depth modifications to a simple series. The complexity goes way up every time someone says…“What if we have 9 clubs and want the best one score from each club plus the next 3 best scores from any club. And maybe only if those clubs have been attended 3 or more times, maybe?” The systems are not infinitely configurable…

Eugene is correct for you to buy a cheap android tablet to run your series on.

The series results are kinda the same (and you may even be able to get same results in a simple case) when series is posted to the PractiScore site.

Although the Android app is treating series as a real match, so individual matches in the series are becoming “stages”. This allows to have multiple series simultaneously on a single tablet, switch between them, gradually update results throughout the year and post incremental series updates.

Thanks for you responses. I will look into everything. Too bad the Apple feature set is not as robust. Just to be clear, I’m not asking for anything custom designed. I have an Excel spreadsheet already set up for scoring. I was just curious if PS had new features.

Nothing is wrong with Excel, as we can’t really support all possible custom variants os the club series.

Though if you can consider to simplify your series rules to bring them down to the common simple case it may work out of the box.

I run a Night Match Series in NC. The series consists of 3 monthly matches and a 4th Championship match. All 4 matches are included for the total points. My points system is as follows:

1 Point for participating in the match
2 Points for finishing top 10 in division
3 Points for finishing top 5 in division
4 Points for winning division
A division winner would take a total of 10 points for that match in the series.
I have been hand jamming an excel sheets for the past 2 years and was looking for some advise if it is possible to set this up through PS. I have Kindle Fires for tablets. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Excel works

As Eugene stated you can probably do it on excel.
Any series events built into PS is not unlimited on the options.
There are really infinite permutations that we have heard of when folks talk about a shooting series.
Ours is basically the best 3 of 5 matches and variables similar to that.
If you want to start giving points to shooters fro certain things you will have to go down the excel road.

An alternative to Excel could be to use “TimePlus with Points” match with a “Raw Points” stage for each match in the series or an “NRA Action” points match with customized “target zones” according to your points. Then you enter your custom calculated points for each competitor… Though I think Excel will be faster to prepare.