Could stage briefings include round count?

We recently started using the WSB feature as our only WSB’s. I put an image that says, “tap here for WSB” so it’s like a button at the top when competitors start scoring. The only problem is that it doesn’t include the round count. (Unless I manually enter it.). Since the App knows the round count, it would be awesome if it displayed the round count along with the WSB. This would avoid errors and be more template friendly.

Thanks for the idea John!

Right now, the only platform that supports the WSB in the app at the moment is Android, so I’m tagging @euxx for his consideration :smiley:

The android app compiles round count if available and no briefing is entered. When briefing is entered - it leaves it as it is. That is because entered briefing normally has the round count.

Also check Create stages automatically when downloading match from the PractiScore web site

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