Competitor App Real Time Data

Would be nice if we could ask the RO for a code, and use the competitior app to view squad data / match data in real time via bluetooth.

I try to remember my times, normally dont.

Generally, at most matches the stats office does not want people to be able to connect to the scoring devices. Otherwise they can just enable/open wifi to everyone (usually it is a bad idea). So, allowing connecting to scoring devices over Bluetooth is also going to be frown upon.

As for finding your squad info, you can look at the following answer. Possible to View Squads after Match? - #3 by euxx

Maybe connecting is the wrong term. More like airdrop or rss data read by the competitor app.

Basically a live leadboard.

If the club/match uses the score logging feature, scores are uploaded in real time but you have to have a stable wifi connection for that to work.

Tell your MD to enable scoring log, get wifi with internet connection throughout the range. This will solve your challenge immediately.

Tell your MD to enable scoring log, get wifi with internet connection throughout the range. This will solve your challenge immediately. Everything will be seen on competitor app. You’ll need internet.

The competitor app to practice score app requires internet (Not just wifi, I understand this and tested and it’s looking for an API.practicescore online to transfer data). Most ranges do not have wifi/internet outdoors. It would be super helpful if the app to competitor app could use a direct connection like mobile hotspot.

Some sort of data transfer without the need for internet access I guess is the request in simplest form. When I talk about this in “theory” at matches, it seems to be well received.

@Keith_Staples which practice app are you referring to? And what issue exactly you are trying to address?

It’s not an issue, it’s a limitation.

PractiScore & PractiScore Competitor are the 2 apps. When internet is available, the ability for PractiScore Competitor to pull data during the match is nice.

My recommendation is being able to pull this data without the internet in some from of direct connection like a mobile hotspot.

I will not advise match to make their scoring devices available on competitor-accessible wifi but the option is there. If really needed, use a separate wifi with a spare secondary “master” device connected to it.

I understand how it works. It’s not just wifi, it requires the internet.

Even emulating a router via android, it pulls an API error because lack of internet.

In short, this is a sport, We want a live scoreboard.

The wifi sync does NOT require Internet access and it works the same way as wifi sync between scoring/master devices.

That’s not what you been asking about in any of your previous comments…

At some point we’ll see about making score board available.

Currently the stats can cast a tablet screen to TV or run PractiScore app on an Android TV stick to show the synced match results.