Combining Multiple Matches into one

There are three clubs in my area that are going to group together their August monthly matches into one big match.

Each of the clubs will host their own monthly matches on Practiscore, which will each be 6 stages. Then after the 3rd match, we need to combine the results of all the matches into one Practiscore match of 18 stages. There will be some shooters that only shot one or two of the 3 matches, and they will not be included in the big match.

What would be the best way to do this?

It all depends what kind of scoring you want to get out of these matches. And also somewhat depend on what scoring been used in these matches.

If you just want to score these matches as a league or match series - look at Scoring Tournament, Club League or Match Series in PractiScore app for Android

Thank you for the info!
I was able to create a series and group multiple matches together in a series. I was then also able to post the results to Practiscore.

This is exactly what i was looking for.

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One follow up question:
Can I download results from a previous match to the tablet I’m going to create the series on?

@Tim_Frieday you can export match from your master tablet or sync that match from a master device. Though I’d recommend to create match series on the master tablet where all your original matches are.