Change club name

How do I make adjustments to the club name? It is important that the page remains old.

The only way to change a club name is for our web dept to do it. Please share the current clubs name and what you would like it changed to and I can have it changed in a day or so.

Old name - Division55, new name - DV55. Thanks!

Sent off to web. It should be done in a day or so.

6 Minutes later I hear it is done!! :+1:t2:

Club Name Change please. Thank you.

Old information: NRL22 Lubbock TX

New Information: Lubbock Rimfire

I’ll get this over to our web team.

Thank you!


It should be changed now.

Club Name Change Please.

Old name: RCLRC 22 Sniper Challenge Program
New name: Precision 22 Steel Challenge

All Done.