Can we make someone always shoot first?

Our squad preference is for one Safety Officer to always shoot first (me) and the other SO to shoot last. All the other shooters rotate through the order normally using the Squad Rotation function.

Is there any way we can pin one shooter (me) to the first spot and the other SO to the last spot to make it easier on our scorers?

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There is not a way to do as you request.
I do this at every match and never really have a problem keeping up with who goes second through next to last.The only person who really has to know is the RO running the tablet since he is calling out the shooting order after every shooter finishes anyhow.
As a matter of fact we will be doing that exact thing at a match tonight. :+1:t2:

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@Sean_Sorrentino this had been discussed a few times. For example, see this topic for possible solution and workaround Purposely re-arrange the shooting order to fit the needs of the match

You can also give all your ROs a low shooter number, e.g. below 100 (i.e. “Reg #” on the shooter editing screen) and high shooter number above 100 to all other shooters. Then use sort option by “Shooter Number” on the squad scoring screen.

However when squad rotation is used all shooters in a squad will be rotated.