Purposely re-arrange the shooting order to fit the needs of the match

We would love to have the ability to rearrange the shooting order in a squad to fit the needs of the match. Is there a way to do that?

Hi Steve, I believe this post from @euxx will help you for Android devices, however it may not yet be configured for iOS.
That was our experience last weekend.
Master device was running Android, shooter rotation set to +1, no worries taking in to account bay where two stages were shot together. (Enter Scores > Select Stage # to be grouped > Stage Group Settings > Group Stages to be scored together)
But the rotation was unchanged for iPad or iPhone (we had two of those scoring).
@euxx , will this be available on PractiScore 2.0 for iOS?
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The question seem to be about using custom order (e.g. have ROs shoot at the end of the squad). This can be (somewhat) done using the “Random” sort order. In the iOS app there is an option under “Random” sort to manually reorder competitors in a squad. In the Android app you might be able to get the order you want by using “Re-shuffle” button few times to randomly reorder squad competitors and get some acceptable order (circular arrows next to the “Random” sort option).

Yes. And a manual reorder is planned too.

A manual reorder would be fantastic!

With small squads at a club match - say a 6-7 person squad with 2 ROs and a new shooter or two, randomly generating a shooting order that A) has the ROs spaced a couple shooters apart, and B) doesn’t make the new shooters go first until later in the match, can be an exercise in frustration, to say the least!

I have verified it. 3…5 shuffles in the random order on the scoring squad shooters screen easily give order you described. It only take a few moments to do it.