Can I Change an Existing Match Date

Jerry, From The Rock Mountain 300 asked this question:
With matches being cancelled or rescheduled If I change the date of the match in Practiscore what will happen? I have a full match but have to reschedule for later in the year.
The Answer is YES! you can change the match date and retain all your shooters.
Then we suggest reaching out to your shooters via email under your match management section and let them know what is happening and give them what their options are if they can’t make it and have to withdraw.
(When you go to change dates change the “end date” first. I’ve seen it happen once or twice when you try and change the start date first and a computer thinks you are wrong because you are overlapping the date and it won’t remember the first change. Also don’t forget to move the close of Registration date just in case you have ppl drop and you need to add folks.)

Great Question Jerry!
and here’s a little screen shot of the process…