Change date of match

I changed the date of the match from 6-13-2020 to 8-08-2020 but when I try to share the URL
it still shows the old date. How do you change that?

Hi Mike!
Have you followed these instructions?

Ok here is the problem I’m talking about. I change the date from 6-13-2020 to 8-08-2020 that’s all good but when I try to share the signup URL it still shows the old date.

Ah. Unfortunately, the only way we have to fix that is to rebuild the match entirely. I can see what our web team has to say about a possible fix, but it likely is not be something we can do immediately as they currently have their hands full.

Related to the issue of URL change for match date changes, I encounter the same problem with the URL name of a match cloned for the next year’s annual match. Despite changing and retaining the Match Name field, the cloned match still partially retains the URL name of its predecessor indicating it is a clone, along with the new name,. (eg: Presuming that the “Clone Match” function is a short-cut devised to avoid starting from scratch, is there a way to have the URL name match the new match name without reference to being a clone? C.L.

When designed the clone function was created to easily let someone duplicate matches. It was really created for the club who has 2 to 4 of the same match per month. (ie Tues. Night Falling steel which is every week).
If the functionality of having a clean url is important the I suggest creating a completely new match. Especially when you consider the time it takes to clone, then make sure you have changed everything in the clone (Dates, etc). One mistake in forgetting to change something in clone can mess up the whole thing. (we help MD’s with that problem often)
Truthfully, in the amount of time it has just taken me to write this I could have created a complete match, registration form and squads. Its really that fast.