Brazilian IDSC - Scoring

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Here in Brazil we have a practical shooting competition called IDSC. It is pretty much the same as IPSC, with differences in scoring. It is the sum of time and points.

The targets have 3 zones. The center zone (which would be A in IPSC) gives the shooters 0 points. The C zone gives 2 points, and the D zone gives 5 points.

Is there any match type in the app that could scores matches in this way?

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@Leonardo_Gomes do you have a link to IDSC rule book for our reference?

There is only a Portuguese version, but if you want, I can point out specifically what differs it from IPSC, in terms of scoring.


Basically it is time plus penalties scoring:

  • zone A - 0 sec added
  • zone B - 2 sec added
  • zone C - 5 sec added
  • miss - 10 sec added
  • no-treat hit - 10 sec added

You can directly use a generic timeplus match template, adjust timeplus penalties to these rules and save as a custom match template.

Note that won’t have a per-target breakdown for this.

You can also use generic Points Down (IDPA) match template. Then you will have to enter PD-values as per the zone’s penalty - 2, 5, 10, etc (for each target hit).

Thanks @euxx , it works pretty well for our needs.

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