Best Practices for Live Results during a Match

We want shooters to see live results using practiscore apps without internet connection (if possible).

When using the practiscore competitor app, it does not sort combined results by times, hitfactor, etc.

Is there a sort function?

How can we display live results on a TV/Monitor?

What are the best practices for digitally hosting a match?

Has anyone written a guide on implementing full digital implementation of Practicescore and it’s apps?

It would make the competitions extremely exciting to know current match results, without having to bother the stat person all day.

Thank you

A short summary:

  • If you can get the internet connection. Just post match results to the PractiScore website. It will need to be done periodically (at least a few times a day). Then competitors can check results directly on the PractiScore website or use the PractiScore Competitor app

  • Without the internet connection the recommended option is to use a “guest” wifi or an access point (separate from the main match wifi) and put a separate “secondary” master tablet on that wifi to where competitors could pull scores from (either using wifi sync in the PractiScore app or wifi sync in the PractiScore Competitor app) or make that tablet available to competitors to look at. You’d need to periodically update that tablet from the main “master” tablet and bring it back to the “guest” wifi.

You can check discussion regarding projecting results on TV screen in this thread.