Landscape output of results - casting content


Because of the PDF printing issue, I’ve realized, how much time the ppl around wasting while trying to share the data with the shooters during match. I’m trying to put together an easy and quick way for match results sharing for a crowd. The idea is to get the synced match info on a (master) device and cast it to chromecast (or similar) with either an Android photos app slideshow or something similar, so I need to create multiple files per pages in landscape format. So most of the functions already exist built-in in Android level or system app.

First, what is the way to create landscaped layout output for either the html (or pdf) format? Using the device itself and moving to landscape not changes the output. The [PDF] print the options are not modifiable, but it’s maybe connected to the original PDF printing issue (Print Preview issue in Android app)

Side question is there possibility to create picture (.jpg, .png) output from the match results, separate files per pages?

If these two are possible right out from Practiscore, that’s the best :smiley: , but I don’t want to be greedy, just asking what are the capabilities or limits actually.


Not really sure what are you asking or what you wanted us to do. But let me ask you this.

What is stopping you from posting your match results to the PractiScore web site? Then your shooters can view results there or can use PractiScore Competitor app and you will save a few threes.

Ok, sorry. Let me put in this way:
I’d like to use the PDF or HTML content saved in landscape format not in portrait mode. So I can cast the results on a big 16:9 TV screen from the very same android device, where I’ve created the PDF output. With an app export it into separate pages of JPG/PNG files and d then cast them to Chromecast as slideshow (from these pictures). All this while the competitors are the main room / waiting room. I’ve seen similar room setup setups in other shooting ranges in here Hungary, so we could share this way with them too. Altogether it would need about 1-2 minutes of interactive tapping in apps and then we would repeat it hourly. Actually they are doing it right now, but in such a manual way, that arethey loosing a lot of time on this instead of running the competition.

Puting it on the portal is systemwide works, but but not everyone is on Practiscore, not able to navigate themselves with a smartphone. I know its sounds bad in 2020, but its true.

The thing is, once we are in the PDF export step, the page size and orientation is not changeable, but I’ll crosscheck it with other Android versions and devices, just to be safe.
In short: is landscape mode content export possible in Practiscore, or do you see it doable at all?
I’m not sure if it’s a Practiscore or app level question at all, on stackoverflow I’ve seen some app level sample that made landscape print working.


It seems like you are hanging on printing… Also we need to plan feature for the whole community and can’t do one-off things.

So, in regards to sharing results on TV you have several options.

First of all you can post results online and cast the web results to your TV from a web browser (or open it in a web browser on your TV using a cheap Android TV stick/dongle) or even cast your tablet screen directly to TV. A benefit from using a web browser on TV is that your competitors could scroll trough the screen using a TV remote.

The iOS app has a “Leader Board” option, so you could connect iOS device to TV and use that to show results slideshow.

I’m not planning adding support for that in the Android free app, but I have considered re-incarnating a hibernated “PractiScore Board” project. It’s a pre-packaged TV dongle that can sync from the match devices on the club wifi and show results and sponsors info on TV screen.

Thanks for your ideas.
I need to check the webportal cast option for sure, I’m not familiar yet with that, so I don’t know how half-baked data should be sent there, but these screens are non-smart TV-s, so no TV level control on the content at all, unfortunately. Getting a chromecast is the fastest easy way and even that will be a new thing.

So, I’ll find a way to get a landscape formatted data somehow, maybe opening the html export in android browser if one version of android supports to change the print options.

Thank you

That’s why I suggested to get an Android TV stick.

You can get Fire TV or a no-name Android TV dongles for $20…50. Most of them also support screen mirroring from other Android devices.

A chrome web browser (at least on PC) also has an option to cast to the Chromecast dongles.

Yepp, I’ve started the topic that we’d like to cast the hourly content to Chromecast - but it means no control on the TV itself, but the casting device. Hence the idea about picture slideshow.

Tried various casting dongle clones, the only one was good enough was called EZCast. Worked up until IOS 10 changed to Airplay v2 and it (and everything else up until today) loosed the direct video casting option from IOS. Then their 5G wifi version dongle just died during the very first initial boot, in between the first auto firmware update. Since that, I recommend chromecast only for everybody, and it just works :smiley:

I’ll write down the final way and process here when its done, maybe someone gets interested in it

Thanks again