AMG timer & IDPA

I just received a new AMG timer & really like it capabilities. However, I only shoot IDPA & it’s honestly not “user friendly” to that discipline. I contacted Alex, the timer maker, & he really didn’t understand what I was saying. I don’t think he’s familiar with IDPA.

I’m older than I wish & shy away from the sports that have lots of movement & athletics included with them. There are lots of areas around the country that have significant groups of participants just like me. There are also lots of shooters in our area who shoot IDPA, USPSA, & Steel Challenge. I’ll begin Steel Challenge when I get a pistol set up for it. But for now, the divisions, classes, etc. on the timer just don’t work well for IDPA.

If those changes are made, I think several of my friends will buy the timer because of the other features. It should prove to be very useful in practice because of it’s bluetooth capabilities.


Joe Rankin

IDPA #A646462

I’m trying to understand your thoughts here.
Any shot timer is just that. It marks the shots from the time is is started till the time the shooter is finished. Every timer does the same thing. The AMG takes a step up as it communicates directly with the scoring pad so the RO doesn’t have to call out the time for it to be entered int o the scoring tablet. It has nothing to do with the type of sport you are shooting. IDPA, USPSA, Steel Challenge are all the same.
The differences in and within each sport are calculated inside the PractiScore scoring App. This is a wholly separate system than what a timer is doing.

I suggest you browse through this tutorial it might help out.


I’m going to make a bold guess that first thing @Joe_Rankin need to do - create a new match on device and select IDPA match template.