Adjusting Time Plus Scoring - Help Please

Match results reference link.

I help run a tactical shotgun match in Chesapeake VA.

If I recall correctly, we’ve been using the Time Plus match type and at the first of this year, it appears that there were some changes to how Time Plus works.

Perhaps I am using the wrong match type and I’m certainly open to adjusting, but our scoring is basically time it takes to complete a stage/course of fire plus any penalties.

I’m setting up the matches from my computer, downloading the registrants to an android tablet, setting up the stages, and then entering the scores.

When I set up the first stage, I deselect any bonus times with the intent of those time not being displayed once the scores have been entered. However, after entering the scores today, the bonus choices are displayed. How can I ensure that the bonus items are not displayed ever?

Any help is appreciated as I’ve scoured the blog without determining what else I need to do.

Thank you.


@Jeff_Koke, I don’t recall any changes in how Timeplus works.

But in any case, everything in Timeplus match is configurable. You are basically running your own custom match. And because it is custom match, and if you are using the PractiScore web site for your match registration you should use "import into the current match when getting your registrations with the match pin#.

Also, assuming you are running the same version of the PractiScore app on all your tablets.

I do see that your Stage 1 has all bonuses and some penalties disabled:

And the scoring screen only shows enabled penalties and NO bonuses:

And results for stage 1 also don’t have any bonuses entered:

So, all seem to look correct to me.

@euxx, I just checked when I imported a timeplus match. For my android, it automatically defaults to having bonuses included but on iOS there are no bonus defaults. I think it’s easier for MD’s to be able to include or exclude their own penalties and bonuses then have defaults ones attached.

@Steph_Marie the problem with timeplus matches is that they all custom. As such there are really no standard penalties/bonuses there.

Basically MD have to either

  • create match on device (can also use his own match template for that) and import competitors into the current match
  • create match on the PractiScore web site, import it to the master tablet using pin# right away AND immediately edit all penalties/bonuses as needed

The app is actually excluding bonuses/penalties for individual stages. So, when importing new match there is no information what to exclude - so everything is included by default.

@euxx, I’m just saying on iOS these penalties and bonuses are not included when you import a match unlike the way you have it set up on Android. It doesn’t matter if I use a pin # or import competitors using the csv file, the bonuses and penalties aren’t included (which I prefer) and is one of the reasons I don’t use Android as my master.

@Steph_Marie I hear you. I can’t answer for iOS app, just saying that Android app does not edit stage configuration’s on MD behalf.

In the timeplus match both penalties and bonuses are global for the match and excluding individual penalties/bonuses for a given stage is an edit.

Also note that when you add a new penalty/bonus (e.g. after creating some stages) it will also need to be explicitly excluded from stages where it shouldn’t be available.

Thanks for the reply. I probably wasn’t clear on my original post.

When reviewing the match results in a web browser, the bonus information and even some of the penalty information is displayed. Here is a pic of what I’m talking about:

Perhaps that clarifies my original statement. I do not want the bonus columns to display since they have no bearing on our matches. Make sense?


@Jeff_Koke the only way to not show bonuses there is to delete all bonuses from your match. You can do that after you created match on a tablet and before match was exported or scores are entered.

So, for your future matches - create your own match template (with edited bonuses penalties as you need). Use that template to create match on your matcher tablet. And when pulling competitor registrations from the PractiScore website using pin# check the option “import into the current match” in the app.

@Steph_Marie forgot to mention. These penalties/bonuses been there before we’ve match templates (like over 10 year now).

So, there is a local history of penalties/bonuses on device and when timeplus match is imported from the PractiScore web site its penalties are filled in from the device’s local history.

In the Android app the history (i.e. the “current match penalties/bonuses”) is edited on the “Build Stages” screen. You can uncheck all bonuses there and they won’t be added to the future matches after that.

@euxx Thanks for the recommendation. I will check out your link on creating a match template.

@euxx I think I followed your instructional reference, but have a question or two.

  • It appears that I cannot create a match (or template) on the Practiscore website and have the penalties/bonuses set the way I want. True?

  • I did create a match on the Fire tablet (per your instructions), set it as a template and then created a cloned match from the template. However, when I entered my name as a test competitor in the cloned match, the tablet pulled in my IDPA info which does not apply to this tactical shotgun match. So, I imported shooter registration data from an upcoming tac-shotgun match which worked in that it got my name and division, etc. I then entered test scores in that match and uploaded to the website. The display of the scoring looks proper. However, the scoring shows columns for Bon(us), Class, Cat, and Member # none of which I do not want displayed. Can I make these columns go away?

Thanks in advance and happy daylight savings time!


Yes, that is correct.

Don’t clone it. Just create a new match (i.e. use “Add”) and select your template from the list. It will be prefixed with “*”.

The app offer shooter selection from the previously saved named for each match type. It sound like you saved your name with IDPA info under some other timeplus match.

If you don’t want that info filled in, don’t select an entry offered in the drop down list.

It is not something that apps can control or change. That would have to be handled on the website side of things (beyond my control).

So, I don’t think you can remove Bon, Class, Cat and Member# columns that are shown on the “new results” style screens like this one:

However you can remove Classes, Categories and Bonuses from the “old results” style like you can find at:

Basically you need to delete all Classes and Categories defined in your match (or template). From under “Edit Shooters/Squads / More…”. Then select Classes or Categories.

I copied your match and you can find posted results at the following links:

Thank you, @euxx. The explanations were very helpful and I have created another test match to verify that things are working as expected.

Appreciate the help!