Add a New Match type for Ontario Rifle Association (ORA) Service Conditions matches

HI Practiscore,
The ORA is a Rifle Association and is 153 years old, and we are working hard to bring it up to date.
I want to ask if its possible to add a New Match style for Service Conditions which would work for 3 of our Disciplines (Precision Rifle, Service Rifle, and Service Pistol) in the App so that we can score it.

Is this possible? If so what is needed to get it done?
Please let me know.
Thank you

Craig Samuel

@Craig_Samuel take the NRA Action template as a starting point. Then modify targets as required and you can save it all as your local match template.

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Thank you I will give that a try and see if it might work.
We have a specific way in which matches are structured with scoring V, 5,4,3 in all 3 disciplines. We also shoot in “Relays” (instead of Squads) and we all shoot at the same time in a line of 10 to 15 shooters.

@Craig_Samuel I’m aware.

You will need to figure out when you will be doing scoring and how that would fit in with “at the same time” shooting. Unlike action shooting you may have to get the paper target and have someone to score them into the app, after shooting is done.

You may want to consider having a large® number of tablets where scoring is done on a limited number of shooters. For example one tablet & scorer records only 5 of 15 in a relay by following one official calling out “V, hit 3 hit 5 etc” in this example the 3 tablets are not linked to each other, although they could be but an error on one can cause difficulty in correction. Rather each is updated to master collectively when all three return to firing line and scores approved. Of course you can do the scoring with one official calling out to one scorekeeper/tablet but it will slow your match considerably.
Squads or Relays can be setup to be interchangeable, in my opinion. Note that you can name a ‘Squad’, so just name it ‘Relay X’?
Remember you can “Clone” so in practice, you clone your match and practice with scorekeepers. Note the glitches, go back and correct original or master, as once scoring starts there are things that can not be changed in clone, but can be in original.
Recommend you do your matches this way to get all the kinks out locally, then if there is something special needed you can get the software made specifically or just have that feature added.

Note 3 different tablets can score on the same relay different individuals at the same time. Then the master tablet pulls from each scoring tablet and that relay will be complete on that stage. Now shoot relay 2 and repeat.
Assume process is shoot, walk down range, score paper targets, paste, walk back, pull 3 scoring tablets individually to master tablet (if you want as later works too) - call line hot next relay…

It is strongly recommended to use custom match templates on the tablets over cloning matches.

In the ORA case they are running this on up to 1000y range. It is a long walk to the targets down there… :slight_smile:

Unless they are using one of the remote target setups, for the most of their matches there are “marker” people sitting in the bunker next to the targets. They are pulling target down after each shot, marking last hit with a bright orange marker and pulling target back up.

It might be a good idea to have those people do the scoring. But that may require as many tablets as the people in the shooting relay. Or have an extra person(s) with tablets down there to do the scoring right after “marker” called shots.