Wrong competition affiliation downloaded from practiscore

I have a competition (Silesia Cup 2020 Autumn now, but it also happened to my previous matches) with affiliation carefully selected as “IPSC handgun”. However, when I download (import) the competition to the Android app (using the practiscore pin), the competition has a type “Hit factor”. I cannot change this type (I can change the level, though).
When I add a subtype “ipsc”, it says “Hit factor/IPSC”.

The type is then wrongly exported when I post the results, but it is even different (USPSA).

What can be wrong?


I see it as a proper IPSC HG match when downloading with your match pin#.

Make sure you using the latest version of PractiScore app for android and also NOT selecting the checkbox “download into the current match” when importing match with your pin# on Android device.

PS: there are some issues with the target configuration after web site import (due to the wording used in the stage descriptions on the web site) and those can be corrected/edited after importing match

Dear Eugene,
Thank you for your answer. I’m not downloading into the current match.
I’ve upgraded from .47 to .48, deleted the match and imported again, with the same effect.
Then I’ve uninstalled the app, installed again and imported again - no change.
Then I’ve uninstalled the app. deleted the PractiScore folder, and restarted the phone. Then I’ve installed the app and found out that the old matches are still in there - apparently a backup is kept somewhere in the system. I can’t find it, having no proper keyboard and a terminal is a nightmare (Samsung Galaxy S8).
But I did the same import on one of my ebook readers (it’s called “inkBook” and runs Android 4.2.2), but I still get “Hit factor/IPSC”.
Could it be Polish version doing this mess?


@Dariusz_Bismor the “Hit Factor” is a common match scoring type for IPSC, USPSA and few other match templates. The “IPSC” is a subtype.

After match is created, the actual template name (like “IPSC Handgun”) doesn’t stay in the created match, but match is configured according to selected template upon creation (divisions, categories, classes, procedurals, DQs, DNFs, per-division power factors, etc).

So, all look good in your match.

You can also verify the match divisions under the “Edit Shooters/Squad / More…” and “IPSC Handgun” penalties, DQs and DNFs shown on the scoring screen.

Dear Eugene,
Thanks for the explanation.
But why the match results, posted to practiscore, are tagged as USPSA then? This makes searching for the results harder.

The same happened to my previous match I had last Saturday:

Actually, it happened to all our previous matches (all with ‘Silesia’ in the name), which are all tagged as USPSA. I thought the wrong type was the reason.


@Dariusz_Bismor that is a separate story and just how web site shows them, i.e. where it says “USPSA” it is just a “Hit Factor” scored match.

I’d suggest to add word IPSC to your match names, like “IPSC Silesia Challenge”.

@Bryan_Williams @Jeff_Krammer FYI. At some point you may need to add the match subtype into the web site search options to separate IPSC from USPSA and other subtypes.

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