Windows 11 - supports APK files

One of my co-workers is beta testing Windows 11.
A feature on this is that it natively supports APK files that are hosted from Amazon. He checked, and as of right now, Practiscore isn’t showing… but when it does, I’ll be testing that as a master tablet.

I’ve been using a Chromebook and if I’m not there to help at our match, the other MD’s struggle with getting things to sync.

I’m looking forward to this.

@Mark_Compton see about syncing with Cromebooks in Syncing with PractiScore app for Android running on Chromebook or in Bluestacks. I suspect it will work the same way when PractiScore app will run on Windows 11, due to sandboxed environment.

Also Windows 11 will be pulling Android apps from the Amazon app store. Note the last section of the Amazon’s own announcement at

@Mark_Compton and also note this

Some more information from

So, perhaps try to download the APK file and double click on it.

Additionally, Microsoft Engineer Miguel de Icaza said that APKs could be sideloaded directly onto Windows, meaning the Amazon Appstore won’t be an actual restriction on day 1, just the only official store to get Android apps and games from. This would, effectively, be no different from running or installing an EXE or MSI on an existing Windows 10 installation and significantly opening up the concept of Android apps within Windows 11.