Wi-fi <unknown ssid>

I recently purchased a new Samsung Galaxy A11 phone, and a Samsung Galaxy A7 tablet. On both devices the Practiscore Android app will not identify the Wi-Fi network. Both devices are running version 1.7.10.
My Amazon Fire 8 HD tablet, which the A7 is replacing, identifies the network.
Is this a Samsung issue? Or, a setting issue that I am not aware of. I have given the Practiscore app all permissions requested.
This does happen regardless of which network (I have connected to multiple networks) that I connect too.
Any suggestions would be appreciate,
Thank you.

@John_LaRiche starting from Android 8, the system started to require permission and location data to be enabled in order to query the wifi info on device.

If you already granted the “Location” permission to PractiScore app, check that “location services” are enabled on device. There should be a quick switch in the system tray and you can further fine-tune it in the Android system settings (e.g. turn off precise gps-based location).

Also note that the sync still works without the SSID, but the app won’t be able to save/cache per-SSID device’s sync codes. I.e. you will need to clean cached sync codes when switching between wifi networks.

Thank you. Such an easy fix. I appreciate your quick response, and all that you do for the shooting sports.

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