Why does Practiscore allow CO shooters to be listed as Major PF?

For example this match has a CO shooter listed as Major PF. I’m sure it was a mistake, but why does Practiscore even allow a shooter to be listed as Major in a division that doesn’t allow Major? I haven’t checked, but I assume that Production might have the same issue.

Are you a match director or admin of the club? Or are you a participant?
If you’re a participant you should contact the match director and ask them about it.
If you’re a match director please take a look at your version of the app and see if it is current.
There are a number of reasons this could be happening.

Just a participant. I have no idea what version they’re using, is there a specific version that would prevent a CO shooter being listed as Major?

Even then, when the results are uploaded after the match, it would seem to me that the Practiscore.com backend should see that a CO shooter being listed as Major is invalid, and then correct it after the match score is uploaded, or at least flag it for review or something.

If they are running an older version of the scoring app That means total only possible that somebody could be listed as major.
The current version of the apps do not allow major in the divisions that shouldn’t have it. (I’m speaking of USPSA at this point.)

Understand that Practiscore supports the shooting sports by providing a scoring application for match directors to use to make their lives better.
The website is available for match directors to create registration and allow shooters to register for their matches online.
Posting of results to the Practiscore website is handled completely and totally by the match director.
We do not oversee or review any part of any posted matches.
Any changes in rules or scoring from a match type such as USPSA or IDPA are when that sanctioning body contacts us and asks us to make changes.
Being shooters ourselves if a sanctioning body changes something and does not ask us to modify it. It’s possible we may catch it at a match It’s also possible that we might not.
I hope this more fully explains our position in supporting shooting sports.