Why Does My Girlfriend's Category Show "Junior"

My girlfriends category in our match results displays Junior, this is disturbing lol. How do we change it?

Most likely she was registered as a “junior” erroneously, either on her online registration (if she registered online), or someone accidentally selected the “Junior” category when they registered her at the match (if registered face to face).

If you want, DM me a link for the match results and I can check it for you.

That would be super helpful if you can look that up for us, thanks.

Here are a couple match results that have her listed as junior:

Her name is Kristen Chamberlain.

As Brian said she either accidentally clicked the Junior button when registering or the button was accidentally pushed the day of the match if you registered as a walk on.
One other option, the master tablets “remember” registered shooters and when the stats person starts typing in a walk on (the day of the match) it will autofill the shooter. IF her “remembered” setup has the junior button checked then it will auto fill it in as Lady and Junior.
At this time I have changed the two matches you listed above and removed her as a Junior. IF there are any other matches out there that you wish changed what you should do is contact the Match Directors and ask them to change her in the Master tablet then repost the match.
Moving forward, if you walk on you will need to have the stats person verify that the junior box is Not checked when she registers…