Why does my email address receive confirmed match registration but not match cancellation?

The email used to register for a match also gets an email return from PS confirming that I am registered. But when the MD sends out a match cancellation with the same email address I registered with nothing shows up; spam or all mail. Registration works just fine while cancellation and/or change notice sent out fails to arrive; example d***@dcald*.net. If I switched to c*******@gmail.com could I expect better results?

You have brought up this issue before. I cannot troubleshoot it without knowing what the Match Admin is doing. Last thread I offered to talk to the Club and find out what they are doing or not doing. As far as I know we have not heard from the club.
Whether you are receiving emails or not is something we cannot answer without knowing exactly what is going on at the club level.

Thanks for taking the time to answer. I will ask the Match Admin but for the most part he doesn’t care if people get the admin email when match cancelled. It doesn’t happen very often. He figures its the shooter’s problem to figure out why they didn’t get email. I re-read replies on the same issue and will change my email to ****@gmail.com to see if that fixes the problem.

If you change your email remember to put your old email in the “additional email” section in your account if you want the old matches to follow to your dashboard.

If your match Admin isn’t worried about his match communications we really can’t help out with that. :man_shrugging:t2:

Thanks for answering my questions. Related topic: is there a way for me to change my log on user name email address to another email address. I initially registered my account with a user name (email address) and password rather than use the social media links available.