Why can't we search matches by date?

I’ll be completely honest here - the matches search and filter functions are inadequate and downright deficient. I’m trying to find matches for a certain date, but the search function does not have any features to search for a specific date. I have to scroll through matches that are “all over the place” it seems, as for match dates!

The state, city, and country search filters are useless to me because my state (Connecticut/Rhode Island/Massachusetts/any other New England state) is not listed and forget about listing a city (Hartford, Providence aren’t known for shooting matches). I can filter the search for matches in Fairbanks, Alaska (because there’s more matches in that area), but I’m not traveling 3200 miles for a match!

The match list is frustrating because it shows matches by straight light distance from the designated location. This is inadequate for me because from Connecticut, it shows matches on Long Island in New York because of the distance “as the crow flies”, but in reality, to get to these matches, it requires either a drive through NYC (with a gun or guns) or a $100 ferry ride! I would like the search function to filter these out, but I can’t remove NY from the search results (but I can select it in the State search filter).

Can the search function be improved? Please?!

Match types in the search filter is also faulty – why can’t I filter by ICORE matches? That option is not even listed (because there’s not enough matches to make the list). It would be nice that the search filter options are available BEFORE a search, not AFTER when I’ve already attempted a search and there are enough matches for it to make the list.

Additionally, a feature enhancement would be the ability to “Favorite” an upcoming match without having to join or follow the club. This would be particularly useful for Level II or III USPSA matches or Tier II (or higher) IDPA matches that occur annually, semi-annually, or one-off. I want to have the ability to “Favorite” a match that may be listed, but registration hasn’t or won’t open for some time in the future. For example, if I want to go to USPSA Carry Optics Nationals and I have to wait for open registration, but I don’t care to follow the USPSA Nationals club, so I “Favorite” the match until the pre-registration period is over.

Thank You for your thoughts.
We will take them into consideration for Practiscore Web 2.0.

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I agree…as a new person here with a brand new club and brand new facility I have to type in the first 3-4 letters of our club’s name to even get our name and match to show up. Otherwise it doesn’t show on the map if you click GEORGIA

Your club address is not complete. Just a highway as a location will not do anything.
Typing in the first few letters is normal for a search.